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Papers On Criminal Justice, Corrections & Police Issues
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California Highway Patrolman Craig Peyer: How His Murder Case Affected The General Public's Trust Of Police Officers
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5 pages in length. In 1987, a California Highway Patrol officer was arrested for the strangulation murder of college student Cara Knott while on duty; he was convicted in 1988 after two trials. This case, which made legal history on several issues, served to add to the growing distrust the general public already held toward police officers, giving the populace reason to believe their safety was not necessarily protected under the badge. According to testimony from several women, Patrolman Peyer had a history of pulling over female drivers on a particularly dark and desolate portion of San Diego highway, at which point he engaged the women in long, rambling conversations that left many uncomfortable and scared. How are citizens – women, in particular – supposed to abide by the law when being pulled over when they fear for their very lives if they do? Is the general public justified in feeling scared and vulnerable with regard to the handful of officers whose conduct detrimentally impacts the entire force? Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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California Police Officers: Certain Physique And Weight Management
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6 pages in length. The last one hundred years have served to transition the overall duties of police officers from highly physically demanding to duties shared between physicality and technology. Typically, big, strong men were representational of the early 1900s police force when walking was the only way in which to patrol the city. The ability to dart and dash after offenders was the primary means by which police officers could ever hope to apprehend, inasmuch as that era had little more than body-to-body contact for bringing down the perpetrator. Today, the advent of technology gives police officers a tremendous advantage over their historical counterparts with devices to stop and capture the offender, but that does not preclude the need for law enforcement officers to be in peak condition. Police work may not be as physical in nature as it was back at the turn of the century, however, it still entails a significant amount of maneuvering that requires officers be as physically fit as possible. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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California's 12-Step Prison Program
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This 5 page paper evaluates the state's program to treat addictions. The plan is discussed for California specifically but some information outlines twelve step programs in general. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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California's Drug Policies
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A 4 page overview of California's approach to combating the problems caused by illicit drugs. Noting such laws as three-strikes-you're-out alongside the state's emphasis on treatment centers for non-violent offenders, the author concludes that California policy is based on considerations revolving around measures that best protect the interests of California's citizenry. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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